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just about 6:00 a.m. it's time for traffic. >> we have a few things to tell you about. right now inside the beltway notice nice green and clean, we like it that way but as we move you out to fredericks maryland. where it meets 26 liberty road that's where we have crews working an accident and we know only the shoulder of traffic going southbound is getting by. let you move it over to 270 where we're watching that volume really build up between german town road and i-70. that stretch of that delay should start to set in, in the next half hour. hey, virginia it's 66 headed eastbound you're already slow. from 50 over to 153 that's plus five minutes and that is growing and let's look at some 90s now. video, this is from yesterday. this is the scene out on 95 southbound near -- or after thornburg and this is a tractor- trailer that was on fire as you can see it sparked some brush fires in the area. we're still dealing with this problem this morning. in fact, crews still on the
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scene this morning taking away lanes as needed. so expect to slowdown. we're not seeing delays anything like this right now and expect to slowdown crossing over thornburg right before route 3. i'll send it back to peggy. at top of the hour here's a look at some of the stories happening today. mid east peace talks come to washington. it's the first face-to-face meeting in two years. ground breaking today for a new home for the national cancer institute. it's off shady grove road in rockville, maryland. eventually it will house 2100 workers. the dramatic candidate for mayor in d.c. take part in a debate today. it's a key matchup between mayor adrian fenty and councilman gray. also today virginia's governor will move to act ahead of hurricane earl. the storm is inching closer with the latest on earl's impact let's go live to kristin
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fisher in the satellite center. kristen. >> at the very least earl is going to kick up some dangerous waves and currents over the labor day weekend but this morning virginia governor bob mcdonnell is warning there is risk for tropical storm-force winds, some minor flooding and possibly even a few feet of storm surge along the coast. just about an hour ago north carolina officials issued mandatory evacuation order for parts of the state's outer banks, specifically okra coke islands. about 500,000 visitors have been ordered to head back to the mainlands. the residents have the option to staying but officials still asking them to heed these evacuation orders. so far, virginia has not followed suit but governor mcdonnell is warning evacuation is not out of the question for residents on the virginia coast. now the latest forecast put
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the eye of the storm hitting about 200 miles east of virginia beach but it's still causing some big concern for people planning to encontroversy the last weekend of summer -- enjoy the last weekend of summer and beaches the eastern coast. >> if it is hits landfall we'll leave. >> it's going to be really bad from what i know, from what my mom keeps telling me. >> the last time the national hurricane center said that the last time a storm threatened such a large portion of the east coast was hurricane bob back in 1991. so this is certainly still a very big storm but let's keep our fingers crossed that it is going to be a near miss and nothing more. >> and it was 2003 when hurricane isabel did major damage to the outer banks. hopefully it will be spared this time. >> absolutely. >> thanks, kristen. people are enjoying the outer banks, beaches, but is going to get rough real soon as kristen's been telling us. in seven minutes we'll get a live report from naghead.
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you can track earl and other hurricanes the home page at police barricade situation in walkersville, maryland is over. the man inside the home is being checked out of the hospital. the standoff ended just after midnight over seven hours after it began. officers entered the room where the man was held up. they found himlying in a bathroom in need of medical assistance. it all started yesterday evening when maryland state police received a call about a man threatening himself and others. new this morning the secretary of defense is in iraq in, robert gates is there meeting with u.s. troops about their new role. it comes hours after president obama addressed the nation. he said our combat role in iraq is over. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. we have sent our young men and women to make enormous sacrifices in iraq. and spent vast resources abroad at a time of tight budgets at
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home. >> the president said he spoke with former president george w. bush about the change before last night's speech. despite hopes to be back up and running today, the virginia dmv is still not able to process any drivers licenses or i.d. cards. a crash at the virginia information technology agency has kept the dmv offline since last wednesday. now the agency is not sure when their computers will be back up and running. the virginia state police will not give you a ticket for a license that expires between august 25th and september 30th. here's a way to cut down on the amount of time you wait for a metro train. a transit system launched its new tomorrow night train service. call 202-637-7000 and say next train. you'll be able to pick a station and find out when trains arrive in the next 20 minutes. at 6:06, coming up on 6:06 it's time for the next living smart report with jessica doyle. you're hear with advice on how
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to save money on medical bills. >> that's right, every year we spend a fortune on prescription drugs. $300billion in 2009 alone and now that times are tough many people have stopped taking prescriptions in order to save money but they have better options at the drug store. >> there's ways to negotiate better deals their prescription drugs instead of cutting back. >> angie hicks says consumers should enlist their doctors to help save money on medications. ask whether a generic prescription is possible. >> generics can cut costs up to 00%. another place to save discount drug plans offered by retailers such as target, wal-mart and costco that charge as little as $4 for generic. that can make them cheaper than the insurance co-pay. and did you know you don't need a costco membership to use their pharmacies but if you have one you can save another
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$3 to $4. >> you shouldn't be afraid to ask your doctor for samples and that help you get through a few weeks before you incur the cost of taking the medication. >> it really pays to shop around too. there could be as much as a $50 difference for the same drug at different pharmacies. >> a lot of this comparison shopping today can be done online. >> another tip -- >> a lot of times your insurance company might offer discount for ordering in bulk. many insurance plans allow a three month supply or a single co-pay when ordered through a mail order program. >> lifestyle change 'coz also save you a ton of money. for example losing weight. the journal of obesity shows that people whom are overweight by 30 pounds can expect to pay -- get this $5,000 to $21,000 more in a lifetime of medical bills and we were just talking about generic you've got to ask because they won't voluntary necessarily that there is a generic option. >> i had no idea that there was a generic until my doctor
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mentioned it. well for the first time a woman will head virginia's supreme court. justice cynthia kinzer will take charge in february. leroy hasbro is stepping down. justice kinzer is 58. she got her law degree from uva. governor george allen appointed her to the court in 1997. it's 6:08. in three minutes we'll go live to nagshead, north carolina and see how the outer banks are bracing for hurricane earl and in ten minutes stepping up the search for an attacker. police go to the offensive in german town. right now howard begins our focus on maryland weather and traffic. >> a quiet morning, a comfortable morning for those who like to exercise outside. going to be another tough day if you don't get it out of the way early because this afternoon another scorcher. let's show you what is happening this mornmorning. we have generally clear skies. lots of temperatures in the
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suburbs in the 50s. a few areas are in the 70s or so. at 9:00, 80 in annapolis. hague town 77. upper 80s to low 90s. sum numberland it's 90. this afternoon we'll be back in the mid-90s for highs, a little cooler in annapolis. it's the one traffic alert we've been following all morning and comes to us from frederick county. route 15 going southbound at 26. the accident only letting one shoulder of traffic get by. live from sky 9 the bw parkway headed southbound and looks like things are starting to slowdown where it meets 197. happy to report no incidents, no accidents along way and we wrap it up with a look at prince george's county to our loyal viewer martin mccray. 2141 checking out accident free and earlier construction on 301 at 214 has cleared.
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it's 6:09. 9news now will be right back.
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we're back at 6:11 and keeping an eye on the approach of hurricane earl. howard, the last time hatteras in the outer banks were really slammed by a hurricane was isabel and i remember hatteras island was split in two. now the army corp of engineers repaired it. any danger of that this time? >> probably not because this storm is not going to go over
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or to the west of hatteras. it's on the weaker side of the storm. the storm surge will be to the right of the path. that's going to be mainly out on the atlantic, not onshore. the heaviest winds will be generally in the atlantic, not onshore although can still get winds 70 to 75 miles an hour down there. winds ocean city 40 to 50 miles per hour. >> i don't think they've evacuated hatteras island, just oracoke island which you can only get it to by ferry if you know the outer banks and they have evacuated the visitors but people who live there can stay. >> that's the order. it looks like they'll experience category 1 conditions even though the storm maybe category 3 when it passes hatteras. this is one of those cases where it's a close call, close enough to force the evacuations because when you've got a lot of people and very little way to do it you've got to make the call to the emergency managers. better safe than sorry. >> virginia doesn't go back to school next week and so i bet a lot of people are still down
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there vacationing. what do you do? >> i think you hunker down and it will be a quick mover. >> i'm here working so. anyway we're going to be talking to a reporter down in nags head right now. nags head is just south of kitty hawk. we're going to be talking to phillip jones. can you hear us, phillip. >> yes, ma'am. >> what is it like right there now. >> if i'm honest it's gorgeous here in nags head. no doubt that will change. but all we're hearing from earl are some very heavy surfs and rough waves but so far all is fantastic. at least weather-wise. temperatures will be beautiful. south of where we are in oracoke island at this very hour mandatory evacuations are underway for tourists. they've got about 5,000 tourists this island which is only accessible by ferry and at
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5:00 this morning they began ushering them off the island. the 800 residents of those been given the option to stay. many of them will stick is out. farther up north in nags head along the outer banks emergency officials getting together again today to discuss their plans. they've put everybody here on the beach on alert on standby. the tourists we've talked with don't seem too concerned. most say they're going to stick it out here and not let earl ruin their fun as long as they can. this is a very busy weekend for tourism in california. most of the hotels, restaurants and businesses around here we're hoping to close out. what would abe big tourism weekend for a big weekend for labor day and one thing we're trying to capitalize on with so much talk that's happening on the gulf coast this summer we're trying to draw a lot of folks who may have considered that as an option on to this area remains to be seen and at this point how much beaches
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that remain to be seen, our meteorologists here say it's going to be a beautiful weekend at the beach. the question is what shape will be the beach be in once the weekend gets here? >> i'm sure everybody there with their fingers crossed. i have frequented the outer banks for many, many years and rode out a hurricane. hurricane dennis back in 99, but people still, isabel is very fresh in people's memory than isn't very long ago, 2003, and so i'm sure people are nervous and i'm sure the surfers are as well because that's a big surf. i'm sure you see a long line of cars evacuating as well. >> reporter: fortunately eaves seen more surfers leaving at this point. that's good news. folks are still trying to take advantage but the rip tides have been a thing of concern for lifeguards up along the beach. they're trying to keep people out of the water when and were they can but certainly surfers have been taking advantage of.
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don't see any yet but no doubt that will change in a few minutes. >> phillip jones thank you so much for talking to us. let's head over to howard and see where earl is headed. >> earl is heading to pretty much where phillip is. in rip tide is a concern even today if you are going to the beach. it's one of those things we will be dealing with several days to come. bus stop forecast. we have no problems this morning. clear and mild, 62 to 75 in the warm spots. right now 76. going into the mid-90s with a south wind at 5 to 10. sunny skies, noontime temp 92, 5:00 temp 92. about 3:00 we'll hit that high 95/96. clear and mild tonight with light southwest winds. a touch muggier than it has been. tomorrow hot and muggy 90 to 95. we're starting to come down.
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234eu6 gaithersburg, hagerstown 9 to 73. fredericksburg and culpeper 63. locally columbia 69. 6 from krofton. 71 in brandywine. fairfax at 73. rockville 69. fairfax county got the 71 in springfield and sterling and leesburg at 67. reagan national, 76 now. clear skies, winds are fairly light. in fact they're calm and the barometer coming down a little bit at 30.07. what we have will help a lot. this front is coming through causing flight delays and over towards massachusetts and other areas in the midwest but as that front comes through it's going to be the kicker if you will. high pressure has been sitting here but the front coming through will help push this away. still hurricane watch in effect from surf city up to parramore islands there's earl with winds 120 miles an hour. it's going to track real close to the carolina coast late tomorrow night and pass our beaches during the morning and
6:18 am
midday hours on friday. even ocean city could have winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour with heavy surf on friday. weekend looks better. look at the seven day. 92 tomorrow. 88 friday. slim chance of a shower. better chance southern. weekend saturday, sunday low 80s. upper 80s sunny and dry and warm on labor day. >> look at that. i can look at that all day. thank you, howard. wakeup everybody, pour the coffee, rise and shine right now. no major incidents to tell you about inside the beltway out in frederick, maryland a different story southbound 15 at 26 liberty road only the shoulder of traffic able to squeeze by because of this accident. crews the scene trying to get it all fixed. over to the oia we go one slow ride over to georgia. we're seeing plus ten minutes for that and that delay is growing november 395 headed northbound we're crawling along, tracking the head lights
6:19 am
and we're going to end with a glance of 95 in virginia going northbound where you have one solid delay stretching in newington up towards the mixing bowl. back to you, peggy. it's 6:19. montgomery county police are actively looking for leads a rapist. he may be linked to two attacks on elderly women in germantown. yesterday evening officers went door to door handing out flyers and asking for the public's help. they believe someone in the area knows this man. police hope hitting the streets will find clues that could lead to the man who robbed these residents of their peace of mind. >> every night now i check my doors and everything two or three times. i keep my blinds closed all day. i keep my blinds on my balcony closed. imus not used to living that way. >> police believe the man maybe living in germantown or living in the area. when it comes to fixing pot holes in the direct district, everything is fair or at least all unfair equally.
6:20 am
a study by georgetown grad student lindsey pettinggill says the time it takes to fix pot holes doesn't but the study finds the fixes come now at about the same time. it is 6:20. ahead in sports, a pitcher's dual between the nationals and marlins. wow the season is over for the redskins malcolm kelly. brett heat waver has the injury report just three minutes away. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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good morning, everyone. donovan mcnabb invited malcolm kelly to his house in phoenix so the quarterback could develop chemistry with the young receiver and like often happens with chemistry experiments this one blew up. it was during that trip to phoenix that kelly injured his hamstring, an injury that yesterday ended his season. the redskins placing kelly on
6:24 am
injured reobserve thus ruling him out for the entire year. fans, of course, expected big things from the former oklahoma star when he was drafted in the second round two years ago but kelly produced just 28 catches and no touchdowns in two season and the bust word is starting to enter the conversation. >> i like the guy as a person. i think he's got a lot of qualities that you look for in a football player and main thing is can he get out there in the football field eventually and play. for whatever reason he hasn't been able to stay healthy and play. >> clinton portis returned to practice. he should not play tomorrow but should be fine for opening night against dallas. likewise offensive coordinate shanahan said fab mcnabb will be at practice and just fine for the dallas game but dad said he's not so sure. dad, of course, being head coach mike shanahan who maybe trying to keep the cowboys offbalance a little injury list
6:25 am
poker. pitcher's dual last night between the national and marlins. no score in the top of the tenth. nyjer morgan tries to score on an infield grounder. he barrels into florida's catcher who manages to hold on the ball. the score remains 0-0. in the bottom of the tenth two on for the marlins chad tracey. singles to left. hanley ramirez beats the throw. nationals lose 1-0. it's 6:25. still to come, the latest on a proposed radiation scare at walter reed. new developments in the mosque controversy at ground zero. what supporters will be doing today. sent begins with another heatwave. howard bernstein has our forecast and the latest on hurricane earl when 9news now returns
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welcome back wednesday morning. howard bernstein with you and a little haze out there this wednesday morning. a good-locking start to another hot day. all eyes the atlantic as we're watching hurricane earl. it will impact your region but off to the beaches you can see earl now. winds are at 125 miles per hour. looking pretty good in that last frame. look at how it's coming back. this is going to fluctuate some. here's our 9 future cast. you can see how the eye of earl
6:30 am
will stay offshore but the eyewall potentially could rake the outer banks in cape hatteras and by friday morning some could be in southern maryland. clearly the beaches have the most concern. temperature is 76 and it's a little muggy out here. we've got 60s out there. fulton, 64 in justification and 74 in fredericksburg. it's going to get hot quickly. 79 by 9:00. 92 at noon and 95 at 5:00 with a high in the mid-90s. here's angie goff. she'll have your wednesday traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, friends thanks for joining us, hope you're off to a wonderful wednesday. still watching this out in frederick, maryland. the accident still only letting one shoulder of traffic squeeze on by. factor in some extra minutes for that commute. let's take you live to veers mandeville road and randolph road where we have a report of
6:31 am
an accident. overall it looks like drivers moving just fine. 66, good morning, virginia. your slow ride stretching from 50 over to nuttily taking drivers an extra five to ten minutes. that is growing and we'll wrap it up with inbound new york avenue inside the district hello northeast it looks like your delay is pretty much here. you expect to start slowing down near the florida avenue intersection here shortly. back to you. >> at 6:31 we turn our attention to hurricane earl as it creeps closer to the east coast. beach resort towns from the carolinas to new england are getting ready. people are encontroversying the big waves right now -- enjoying the big waves right no. in new jersey but the situation will change soon. virginia's governor isn't taking any chances with earl. he's making move today. kristin fisher is live in satellite center with with the story. >> we know earl most likely will not make landfall. it's been downgraded to a category 3 storm but virginia governor bob mcdonnell is
6:32 am
declaring an emergency in virginia later this morning. the reason, well governor mcdonnell says he wants to make sure the army national guard and emergency personnel have enough time to be in place. the latest forecast has the eye of the storm hitting 200 miles east of virginia beach but northern banks will be the hardest hit. just 1 1/2 hours ago, north carolina officials issued mandatory evacuation official for parts of the banks obvious. specificky oracoke island. about 5,000 visitors have been ordered to board ferry and head back to the mainland. residents have the option of staying but officials still asking them to leave. so far, virginia has not followed suit but governor mcdonnell is warning that evacuation orders are still not out of the question for
6:33 am
residents along the coast that could be coming down the pipeline. there's also some risks of tropical-force winds, minor flooding and a few feet of storm surge. that's certainly on the worst side of things in terms of how bad this could be. but at the very least we can expect some very dangerous waves, dangerous rip currents at beaches in maryland and virginia throughout this labor day weekend and keep in mind some of these beaches could stay closed through the holiday weekend. peggy. >> thanks for the report. hurricane earl could put a dent on the labor day weekend. coming up in ten minutes we'll talk live with the mayor of ocean city, maryland. find out how his city is bracing for earl. this morning u.s. troops in iraq are starting their new non combat roles. last night president obama said the u.s. paid a big price to give iraqis control of their future. >> we persevered because of the belief we share with the iraqi people. a belief that out of the ashes
6:34 am
of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization. though this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq, we have met our responsibilities. now, it's time to turn the page. >> earlier in the day president obama met with troops at fort bliss in texas. >> the muslim leader heading up plan for the mosque center at ground zero is coming back to the u.s. he has been in the persian gulf on a trip promoting religious tolerance. it was a trip funded by the state department. his plan for the park's 51 islamic center has sparked massive controversy nationwide. officials at walter reed medical center will meet today with federal regulators about the improper storage about two packages of radioactive
6:35 am
materials. we first told you about the story last thursday. in may, two packages sat under a lobby counter for almost two days before being moved to a safe location. at today's meeting the nuclear regulatory commission will question walter reed officials about the violation, but the agency will not take any action at hearing. it is time now for another living smart report. jessica, you say apple is planning some big announcements today? >> that's right indiana is what apple does. it has these major announcements for big product rollout that tries to keep everything quiet. bloomberg reports that apple will unveil a new set top box that delivers video to tvs including movies and shows and this comes right from net flix. fortune is predicting the new ipod will be unveiled reportedly with a camera, possibly even two cameras and rumors online are saying that the ipod nano will get a lot
6:36 am
smaller, more squarish and drop the click wheel. southeast washington gets a new organic supermarket today. yes organic market opens officially becoming the second largest grocery store. adrian fenty and councilman barry were among the dignitaries at the ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday s a new generation of gift card is coming to target. these are gift cards to buy virtual services facebook. our partners at u.s.a. today say starting sunday you're going to be ail to buy facebook credit gift cards in the values of $15, $20 and $25. more than 200 million people pay for sites and many are going to pay premiums to enhance these games. i've never played them. >> i haven't either. >> people are obsessed with farmville. >> i don't know where they find the time. i have enough time getting to facebook saying hello to people, whatever. >> i'm thinking of trying it
6:37 am
just to see what the fuss is all about good maybe you'll get addicted to it. >> thank you. well the school year will be the last one for frederick county maryland's superintendent. dr.linda burgee will retire at the end of the school year. she's from frederick and got her undergraduate degree at tolleson. she's been superintendent since 2004. it's 6:37. in six minutes we'll talk with the mayor of ocean city and find out haw he's preparing for hurricane earl in 12 minutes problems with another local power company. what going on with bge. right now it's our focus on virginia's weather and here's howard. >> when i talked to our virginia weather watchers they say it's so dry we need some rain. unfortunately earl little likely dismiss us way too far east and another chance of rain could be a way's off. not good news. no problems this morning. it's clear and comfortable, lots of 50s out there.
6:38 am
as we head towards the 9:00 hour, look at how quickly we warm into the 70s. fredericksburg in the 50s. culpeper 76. fairfax 77. lunchtime, 90 degrees. how does that sound in manassas and 92 in winchester and go home this afternoon with temperatures in the mid-90s. slightly cooler weather is on the way. that's coming up. right now angie's got a traffic alert. >> bring it on. we're going to get to your virginia roads in a second. first live from sky 9 we have this shot out of frederick, maryland. southbound route 15 at 26 liberty road. notice we have the tractor- trailer in place. we still have emergency response crews there and a single lane of traffic just squeezing by in the left lane. now to avoid this you can always use monokis boulevard and that's going to get you down to frederick because obviously this string of delay is something you don't want to sit in early on your wednesday
6:39 am
morning. attention shoppers if you're headed out this early no problems to report at leesburg pipe where it meets international and columbia pipe all lanes wide open no incidents to report. good wednesday morning it's 6:39. 9news now will be right back. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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we go to the top of the charts inch the top selling singles i-tunes katy perry is back on to be. bruno mars is in third with just way you are. >> didn't that used to be an old song? >> really sold song. >> another hot day. >> that's not changing now. there change over the weekend thanks in part to earl. earl will help pull down cooler, more pleasant air but this morning it's a little bit sticky out there. >> we're not going to get the needed rain. >> no, we're not going to get
6:44 am
the needed rain. it's going to rain over towards the beaches. at your bus stop, bus stop forecast. no problems, cleerks it's mild, temperatures in the cool mid- 60s. each in the next hour to hour and a half we'll see areas climb to about 75 or so. shorts today. temperatures by 9:00, 79. noon, 92. 5:00 92 with a 3:00 or 4:00 high and our air quality is code orange. winds will be south 5 to 10. clear and mild. 60s to 70s again light south wind and tomorrow, not as hot but still hot. 90 to perhaps 95 with enough sunshine. a few clouds south and east in advance of earl should be coming up the coast. 73degrees in easton. 73 for friends in southern maryland. out to the west where we have the low to mid-60s. culpeper is 63. manassas is 67 along with sterling while fairfax 72.
6:45 am
69 to our south and springfield at 70 and brandywine and in fulton near columbia 67, 76 sunny, calm winds at reagan international and the barometer holding steady at 30.07. cold front coming from the midwest producing lots of showers and storms near chicago this morning. not good for air travelers but this is going to help push earl away before it comes up the coast and it's a good thing this front is coming because we've had high pressure for days sitting on top of us although the humidity has been down. here's the hurricane watch from parramore islands which is about halfway -- down towards surf city, north carolina but it looks like cape hatteras could bear the worse of this. here's earl, looking a little bit better in the last hour. still has winds of 125 miles an hour and this can fluctuate up and down a little bit.
6:46 am
we still think it's going to maintain a major hurricane as we head from thursday to friday morning. here's 3:00 friday morning category 3 storm offshore. the weak side here but they could have 70 to 80 miles an hour winds on the outer banks. storm passes us midday on friday. lots of wind and wave action as it pulls away by saturday this thing is gone and so the rest of the holiday weekend is looking good. friday over by the beach is the real problem. here's our seven day mid-90s today. low 90s tomorrow. friday we're holding in the 90s but any rain should stay on the eastern shore. weekend looks great and upper 80s dry and sunny for labor day. it's time for age angie and traffic. >> we want to keep you updated and take you live from sky 9. southbound 15 out in fredericks maryland at 26. liberty road the accident involving the tractor-trailer. a lot of response crews on the scene only letting that one lane of traffic squeeze by to the left to get around this and
6:47 am
to avoid this growing delay you're going to want to use nagassi boulevard over to 325 and that will take you down to frederick. checking out 270 southbound looks like we're below speed stacking up the head lights from hurley. i'm going to say plus 10 to 15 minutes for this and that delay is growing and we have new problems to tell you about. this is on 295 heading northbound as we take it over to our real time grabbing. getting word of a report of an accident at the nave research lab and going southward at bowling air force base base where you have to be careful and watch for debrises that been reported in the roadway. and then stacking up again from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge and hey, here's a sigh of relief 95 heading
6:48 am
northbound. overall, just a light minor delay. it is 6:48. a lot of people are wondering how hurricane earl is going to effect their labor day plans. that includes all of the businesses in ocean city, maryland. joining me on the phone is jim zorn city mayor rick mien. how are you doing? >> good morning, fine. >> what precautions are you taking for hurricane earl in we're monitoring things very closely. it looks like it will be passing through here early friday morning, early afternoon. we're expecting some tropical- force winds. of course, we're going to be anticipating some high surf at a very minimum and some rip currents. so we're preparing everybody. we're tying down all of the construction sites, just making sure all items are secured but we think it's going to go through pretty quickly. don't expect this major winds. going to get a lot of rain and high surf, but once it's out of
6:49 am
here things should clear up rapidly. >> do you have any plans to close the beaches at times of highest surf. >> we don't have plans at this point to close the beaches. we will close the gates and see along the board walk probably thursday night and then we'll monitor that situation. once it's out of here friday afternoon, the beach will probably be open but we will monitor whether or not we will allow people to go into the surf. >> we're very concerned about the rip current and the beach patrol will be out there and be in charge charge and monitoring that closely. >> i know you've spent time replenishing the beaches there. with sand, you might get erosion. our meteorologist says you might get erosion. how much sand can you afford to lose on the beaches. >> the beaches are in great shape. the dune system is in great shape. that's there to protect the properties to the west and we don't really anticipate losing
6:50 am
much of that. we've got a lot of beach out there now and so we're in very good shape as far as being protected on the ocean side. >> so you're open for business. come on down, right. >> we're. one thing we would encourage people is wait until the storm passes through. most people won't be dry driving until late friday or saturday. friday afternoon into saturday. drive times should be fine. if you have to wait an extra hour or two to let the storm pass let's all take that precaution. mayor rick meehan thank you. people in the cherry lane area of laurel said their power was off and on since friday and they were getting no answers from bge as to why. residents are still upset about being left in the dark. >> dns have any real answers
6:51 am
for us and it's frustrating. my office is off all of the time. the residents are inconvenienced all of the time. >> bge says the power is on for good and after the interruptions the utility says it was absolutely necessary because of power lines near the leak. a restaurant owner from ashburn, virginia will spend 12 years in prison. on sama l. altarie was convicted on a plot to defraud banks in. he pleaded guilty. he owned the restaurant chain called original steakhouse and sports theater. that story is from the ashburn page on our new where you live site at more than 50 local communities with news that matters to you. check it out today at it is 6:51. we have 76 degrees here in northwest washington. in three minutes a check of other stories in the news now, including a violent attack in anne arundel county. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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it's 6:55 on this wednesday morning. here's what is in news. an 83-year-old woman is sexual assaulted in her glen burnie, maryland home and police are searching for attacker. it happened early monday morning. police are canvassing the area. a political upset in alaska. senator lisa murkowski had conceded defeat in the republican primary. vdot says work will begin on a new bridge next year to carry washington boulevard over columbia pike. the arlington bridge has been ranked one of the worst in the area. work should be done by 2014. howard? >> peggy, we are mild to warm this morning. it's going to warm quickly with sunny skies. 92 by lunchtime. topping off our 96 at 3:00. seven-day forecast, latest on earl and angie's traffic when 9news now returns. óó óó
6:56 am
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at 5:59 live from sky 9 southbound 15 at 26 in frederick, maryland an accident still out that way only letting the left lane of traffic get by. you're going to want to use knoxy boulevard from 26 to 355 as an alternate. meanwhile 295 northbound we have a report of an accident near the nave research lab. going southbound watch for debris. 66 headed eastbound plus 10 minutes prosecute 50 to nuttily over to howard. another sunny, hot day today. 96, 22 tomorrow. earl will be bothering our beaches friday, north carolina beaches late thursday and the weekend we cooldown very, very nicely saturday and sunday. >> as for wall street we're looking sharply higher. >> and "the early show" is next. dave price is tracking hurricane earl. >> i'm going to have the latest storm track for you at noon. >> until then you can follow the storm at >> we'll see you thursday morning starting at 4:25.

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